IBB and IJLB Association 2018 Reunion

The 2018 Reunion of the IBB and IJLB Association was debated at the AGM and many good points were put across however the committee are open to further inputs especially from those who could not attend to get a good overall picture as the months put forward were May, June/July or September 2018. The place of the next reunion could be Oswestry in one of those months or for example many members might feel it time to revisit the National Arboretum in Lichfield in May and have a Friday to Monday weekend if so the will look into it for getting the best hotel deals and AGM and Dinners venue. If you have ideas like this contact or on Association Forum at
Your input is very valuable and if a right choice can bring more to attend it will no doubt bring in new members

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Memorial Tree

Memorial Plaque at National Arboretum

The IBB & IJLB Association after much hard work we were able to plant a Memorial Tree at the National Arboretum along with a dedication plaque in tribute and honour to all who served in IBB & IJLB.

Many of us made the long journey to National Arboretum for the planting and dedication and after we  were given a tour of the NA which you could not see all in a day.

The most important part was that we have a Memorial Tree that everyone can see the contribution over years that the IBB & IJLB  gave to the Armed Services.

On the right you will see Graham Fowler our retired Treasurer standing over the Memorial Tree     

Memorial Oswestry

The Memorial for all IBB & IJLB soldiers is in the centre of Oswestry in Cae Glas Park with a lot of hard work done by the members of IBB & IJLB Association voluntary to raise the funds it stands as a tribute to all and every Remembrance Sunday a wreath is laid  in there honour and each year passing more and more attend this parade.  Lets us not forget and become apart of what as bound us in our youth and sustained through of service and to all who gave there all while servicing Queen and Country. 



New Committee for IBB and IJLB Association

At Association AGM on 15 September 2017 a new Committee was Elected.
Life President Ray Ironmonger
Chairman Alan Griffiths/PRI Sales
Secretary William Colin Cole 
Treasurer Geoff Camm
Web/Forum/Membership Secretary Colin Harwood
Association Auditors 2017/18 Frank Hooley and John Lattimore


The Committee communicate regularly by email to keep things running smoothly.

If you have anything you want to discuss find us on the Forum and send a PM to Alan Griffiths our Chairman.

Welcome to the IBB/IJLB Website

A warm welcome to the official website of the Infantry Boys Battalion & Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion Association . If you served in any of the following units then this Association is for you :

Infantry Boys Battalion – Tuxford/Harrogate/Plymouth.
Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion – Plymouth/Oswestry/Shorncliffe.
Junior Infantry Wing – Oswestry.
Junior Infantry Battalion – Shorncliffe.

The video is , as far as we are aware , the only film of a Passing Out Parade from the Oswestry era which exists and was shot by the late Tam Melvin of the Black Watch who was not only a Junior Leader in the early 1960s but returned as a PS Instructor in the early 1970s . The POP is the Summer of 1973 , you may well recognise some of the faces.

We trust that you will find our new website easy to use and to navigate around and look forward to hearing from you.



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