Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have asked questions on how the Association started and how it is run etc . The following attempts to answer some of those queries.

When did the Association start?
The Association was started by the Plymouth/Tuxford lads well over 10 years ago , initially they met up once a year in Milton Keynes at a TA Barracks run by a former JL for a meal and a drink . The late Charlie McGrogan was elected Secretary and it was he who wrote the initial Constitution . It is fair to say that the Association started to really grow when Bryan Roberts (Wobbly) started a small forum on his own website , a website dedicated to IBB/IJLB . This allowed JLs to communicate and provided the launching pad for the creation of a fully fledged Association.

How is the Association run?
It as been run by a small elected Committee based on the model laid down by Charlie in the initial Constitution . We have recently revised that Constitution to reflect the way we operate now e.g. to take into account the fact that the Association now owns and operates a website and forum to provide an on line meeting place for JLs .

How are Committee members elected?
Committee members are elected by the paid up members of the Association usually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association . The tenure of Officers is 5 years but they can carry on for a second term if no replacement can be found . Any paid up member can put their name forward to serve on the Committee .

How are decisions made?
All decisions relating to the Association are made by the General Committee except major decisions relating to structural changes eg updating the Constitution which are made by the AGM .

The Committee structure a cumbersome way to operate?
It can be under normal circumstances but the wonders of the Internet make it an easy and quick way to communicate . The Committee speak to each other virtually every day and decisions are usually reached by discussion . If members cannot agree then the matter is decided by a simple vote . It is probably relevant to point out that without a Constitution and elected Committee structure we would not be legally allowed to open and operate bank accounts for Association purposes due to the strict money laundering laws which currently exist in the UK .

Do Committee members claim expenses for the work they do?
No , is the answer  A recent AGM decision allows members to claim expenses only in extraordinary circumstances i.e. a partial refund of travel and accommodation expenses . This has never been utilised by any Committee member.

What are members subs used for?
Subs are used to pay for the space we occupy on the Internet and for any software we need to operate the website and improve it from time to time. They also help to cover general running costs.

We also give donations to Forces charities e.g. the Royal Hospital Chelsea , Help for Heroes and more

Where are we at as an Association and what is our the future?
It is fair to say that the Association is still in it is in a relative infancy. Potentially there are thousands of ex JLs out there who have yet to make contact and learn of our existence . More and more join each year as they reach an age when they start to cast their mind back over their lives. At the moment we are on the cusp of changing generationally with the Oswestry lads taking over from the Plymouth lads and we hope that, in due course, the Shorncliffe lads will take over from us.