If you served in any of the following units, including PS and Civilian Instructors, then this Association is for you:

Infantry Boys Battalion Tuxford/Harrogate/Plymouth.
Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion Plymouth/Oswestry/Shorncliffe.
Junior Infantry Wing Oswestry.
Junior Infantry Battalion Shorncliffe.

Association membership is through a yearly subscription due on the first of January each year and is currently set at £10. For those who are eligible for membership but are experiencing hardship the subscription can be waived by informing a member of the committee. For those members who have reached 60, a life time membership is available for a payment of £50. If you’d like to chat to someone about it then you can contact our Treasurer


Treasurer Geoff Camm  

In order to join simply register on the Forum and we will get back to you.

Membership BENEFITS include a special rate for The Annual Reunion Dinner for you and your guests, access to the forum so you can pull up a sandbag and discuss old times with friends old and new, the ability to attend any social functions organised by The Association during the year, special discounts with our partner organisations such as insurance, holidays and on our full range of PRI stocks.

Please remember that it is the members subscriptions and donations that allow the Association to continue it’s work with junior soldiers and helps to contribute towards the running costs of this website and the forum.

We would encourage all ex Junior Leaders to support us and  become Members.

For further information email me from the link above or write to me at:

Geoff Camm (Treasurer)
15 Dudley Road,
St. Mary’s Fields,
West Midlands,
DY6 8BT,

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