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Memorial Tree

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Memorial Plaque at National Arboretum

The IBB & IJLB Association after much hard work we were able to plant a Memorial Tree at the National Arboretum along with a dedication plaque in tribute and honour to all who served in IBB & IJLB.

Many of us made the long journey to National Arboretum for the planting and dedication and after we  were given a tour of the NA which you could not see all in a day.

The most important part was that we have a Memorial Tree that everyone can see the contribution over years that the IBB & IJLB  gave to the Armed Services.

On the right you will see Graham Fowler our retired Treasurer standing over the Memorial Tree     


Friday, December 9th, 2016

The Association is Actively Recruiting

We would Like To Welcome The Following New Members

Darren West IJLB Shorncliffe

Ron Gittings IJLB Oswestry

Geoff Mitchell IJLB Oswestry

Keith Evans IJLB Oswestry

Chris Wright IJLB Shorncliffe

Adrian Bold   IJLB Shorncliffe

Robert Kernaghan IJLB Harrogate and Tuxford

Roy Pierce     IJLB Oswestry

Mike Coughlan IJLB Shorncliffe

Steve Gibson IJLB Shorncliffe

John Bonnewell IJLB Oswestry 


We look forward to Introducing yourselves in the Forum and to meeting you in the future

Deus Vult